Notary for individuals

A wide variety of services are possible to be rendered when dealing with notary for individuals. Several of these services are listed down below. Although this list is not exhaustive, majority of them are the most common notary public needs and we are able to attend to each and everyone efficiently and effectively.

Power of attorney: this feature can be employed worldwide. In this case someone is empowered to sign documents or carry out other legal proceedings on your behalf. This can be compared to a letter of authority. Anyone can be chosen to carry out this duty, trusted friends or family members living in the foreign country in question, including foreign lawyers are suitable for this. Such appointed people are call attorneys.

Property documents meant for overseas: this scenario is quite common, in a case where you might have been either buying or selling properties in countries such as Spain, Italy, Jamaica and a host of others, it is always necessary to submit a legal document attesting to such transaction by your notary abroad.

Authentication of educational certificates for the purpose of working abroad: to gain employment overseas it is mandatory that you tender a notary certified copy of your qualifications. The notary certifies a copy of the original certificate as authentic.

A lot more of our individual notary services are listed below, as earlier said; this list is not exhaustive and if you need to make more enquiries, reach us on our contact.

  • Bank instruction letters
  • International attendants/ Statutory Declarations/ Affidavits
  • Sworn statements & depositions to marriage certificates
  • Missing passports
  • Permission for children to travel with a lone parent/ Guardian
  • Authentication of copy documents such as, passports, driving license etc.
  • Notarising foreign wills
  • Change of name documents, deed will etc.
  • Sponsorship – visits or settlement
  • Preparing & witnessing documents such as witness statements & application forms
  • Indian OCI Card Applications
  • Witnessing & dealing with documents for the purchase or sale of land & property overseas
  • Notarising foreign adaption application requirements
  • Verifying the translation of documents
  • Taking evidence known as depositions in England & Wales for use in legal proceedings abroad.
  • Authenticating the signing of an acknowledgement for use in the United States of America
  • Providing notarised copies & certificates of law
  • Life certificates confirming an individual is alive
  • Authenticity Criminal Record Beads (CRB) & disclosure Scotland.
  • Documents required to relocate to a foreign country for a job
  • Documents required to facilitate a marriage ceremony in a foreign country