Notary fees and charges are very important and key determinant when choosing a notary public in London. As a reputable notary practice in London, I understand the need to establish a fixed price rate that covers all kind of services rendered. The fees are clear, reasonably competitive and can certainly give you our client value for money. The Notary Public of West London Ltd like many of her peers in the London Notary public venture has fixed the minimum fee per document at £70 especially for simple documents such as a certified copy of passport. The standard fee for consultation per hour is £250.

It is important to note that I do not charge VAT charges for all and sundry. This covers all Notary Public payments for individuals and charities that are unable to recover VAT which is an added advantage because it allows you to save. This is also applicable to all clients overseas. In addition, there are no Notary public fees or legalisation fees attached to providing advice or consultation on the best option for you. So do not hesitate to give me a call.

In unavoidable cases where legalisation fees or disbursement fees have to be paid to the foreign office, Embassy or consulate, there will be an increment of fees.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) charges £30 for legalising a document. The FCO also charges a postage fee for returning the document. This is £6 for addresses in the UK, £14.50 for addresses in Europe and £25 for any elsewhere in the world. The FCO offers a Premium Service in London which allows the documents to be legalised the same day. They charge £75 for this service. A visit to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s website will further inform you of the legalisation fees.

My notary public fees for difficult issues will be billed on the basis of the time at the rate of £180 per hour. It would be my pleasure to negotiate and determine a specific price for peculiar situations that our fee guide does not cover for. In cases where several documents are going to be attended to, you may be able to get a discount.

In any case, the information given in this section is in not enough, feel free to obtain a full and more comprehensive notarial fee quote by simply contacting me.