About me

Welcome to the Website of Aleksandra Jankowiak, Notary Public.​

As a Notary Public, I am regulated by the Faculty Office of the Archbishop of Canterbury and I am a member of the Notaries Society. I qualified as a Notary Public in 2017 having completed my Notarial Practice Diploma at the University College of Law (UCL). I attained my LLB (Hons) in 2010 at the University of West London and completed the Legal Practise Course at Westminster University in 2017. I am also a trainee solicitor, but my notarial practice is separate from my solicitor’s work.

I am based in West London specifically Ealing Broadway and offer a full range of notary public services both for individuals and companies.

I am good in English and Polish. I also deal as a notary with documents in Slavonic languages.

I am available to provide Notary services after official hours, in the evenings and at weekends. I also do home visits and I visit Companies at their offices.

Please contact me to obtain further advice about my Notarial services, to obtain a quotation, arrange an appointment or ask any questions.

Who is a Notary Public, and what does a Notary Public do?

The first thing to know about a Notary Public is that he or she is a fully qualified lawyer and belongs to the oldest arm of the legal profession in the United Kingdom. The sole purpose of the notary public is to authenticate and certify all legal signatures and documents such as passports or utility bills of individuals and business especially when they are to be submitted to the appropriate authorities overseas. The rules and regulations guiding the activities and functions of the Notaries Public are the same as those that affect Solicitors. A notary is expected to be well insured and consistently protect his or her clients as well as the public. Furthermore, as a notary public, it is mandatory that the client’s money is separated from personal funds and obeys the rules of practice relating to both conduct and discipline. Certification to be a notary public is always renewed annually.

The essence of notarization is to ensure that all signed documents are authentic and they comply with all necessary requirements in the relevant jurisdiction. The service rendered by the Notary public is indeed important and indispensable as they independently authenticate documents and transactions that are meant to be used in foreign countries.